The school of government audit was established in December 2015. Its predecessor can be traced back to the industrial audit department set up in 1987. The orientation of the college is to build an audit theory research base, cultivate multi-level high-quality audit professionals, and build an audit think tank to serve national governance and regional economic development.

The faculty structure of the college is reasonable, and it has strong faculty in the direction of government audit, internal audit and accountant audit. At present, there are 73 teachers, including 18 professors (accounting for 25%), 18 associate professors (accounting for 25%), 4 doctoral supervisors, 1 outstanding talent of the Ministry of education in the new century, 2 accounting academic reserve talents of the Ministry of finance, 6 333 high-level talent training project of Jiangsu Province, 4 young and middle-aged academic leaders of green blue project of universities in Jiangsu Province, and high-level six talent peaks of Jiangsu Province There are 5 secondary talents and 5 outstanding young backbone teachers of blue and blue project in Jiangsu Province. In addition, the teacher has also served as a consultant expert of the internal control standard committee of the Ministry of finance, a member of the academic committee of the China Association of internal auditing, a member of the internal control professional committee of the Chinese Accounting Association, a member of the academic committee of the Chinese society of business accounting, and the president and Secretary General of the Jiangsu Provincial Association of internal audit 。 In recent years, the Faculty of the college has successively presided over and completed 15 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, including 13 National Natural Science Foundation and national social science fund, humanities and social science fund of the Ministry of education, key scientific research projects of the National Audit Office, and Jiangsu social Science Fund. They have actively participated in the formulation of relevant national audit laws, regulations and standards, undertaken and completed horizontal projects of administration, enterprises and institutions, and completed more than 10 monographs, More than 200 papers have been published in professional academic journals at or above the provincial level, and more than 20 high-quality academic papers have been published in authoritative journals such as accounting research, audit research and China administration.

There are three departments of audit, government audit and internal audit. The National Audit Research Institute of Nanjing Audit University, the modern audit development research center, the audit theory research center of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the natural resources and Environment Audit Research Institute, the internal audit development research center of China Association of internal audit and other research institutes (centers), as well as the Institute of internal audit of China Association of internal audit, are affiliated with our institute. The college actively explores and affiliates scientific research institutions It is necessary to construct teachers' intercommunication, resource sharing, deep integration and collaborative development. The college has attached great importance to discipline construction for a long time. This discipline has been selected as the first, second and third phase projects of Jiangsu University advantage discipline construction project. The modern audit theory and method research is the scientific and technological innovation team of blue blue project of Jiangsu Province. The modern audit development research center is the philosophy and social science research base of Jiangsu University, which has undertaken the major research projects of philosophy and social science of the Ministry of education Related project Research on better playing the important role of audit in the supervision system of the party and the state.

The college has one undergraduate major: auditing; three characteristic undergraduate directions: Auditing (IAEP), auditing (internal auditing) and auditing (big data auditing). It has the right to confer academic master's degree and master's degree in auditing. Among them, the audit major is selected as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point, which is the characteristic specialty construction point of the Ministry of education and the comprehensive reform pilot project, the key specialty in Jiangsu Province during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Class-A brand specialty in Jiangsu Province and the first-class specialty in Jiangsu Province; the audit teaching team is the national teaching team and the excellent teaching team of universities in Jiangsu Province; the theoretical exploration and practice of audit higher education Practice innovation was awarded the special prize of Jiangsu higher education teaching achievement and the second prize of national excellent teaching achievement. In addition, the college has also undertaken the Chinese government audit scholarship program to train audit professionals for overseas national audit institutions. At the same time, the college is closely linked with the National Audit Office and government audit institutions, actively explores the deep integration of national education and vocational education, and constantly promotes the innovation of talent training mode. The college has become an important talent training base for government audit at home and abroad.